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Changing Lives, One Family at a Time!

Almost Complete 90%

That was amazing right?

What part of the video was your favorite?

Btw, I’m Suzanne and I’m here to show you how you could have access to our travel software like how we have 20 million active users already using right NOW.

I do want YOU to know that this is going to take just a few more minutes.

The BEST part is that I’m about to UNLOCK YOUR Access to the Software.

All YOU Need to Do is Choose Which Plan You’d Like to Take in a Few Minutes. Remember the Choice is TRULY Up to YOU.

But before I show you all of the Plans. I Do Want YOU to Know that there are 2 Main Plans I Recommend but I Will Give YOU 3 Options.

Our Members Usually Chooses either the 2nd or 3rd Option because it Definitely Saves our members up to 70% on every travel booking.

Just Remember WHY You Are here in this Meeting in the First Place…

It’s NOT Just Because You Wanted a Complimentary 7 Night Resort Getaway or a Complimentary Vacation…

Do YOU Know Why We Know That is NOT the Main Reason???

The REAL Reason is Because Deep Down Inside, YOU Want to Go on a Vacation!

That’s the Bottom Line.

You Will Spend the Money No Matter What and You & I Both Know You Will Either Spend an Extra 30%- 70% with Knowing What YOU Know NOW or Become Like Our Members and SAVE an Extra 30- 70% Every Time You Make a Travel Booking with Our Software.

The Choice is Yours…

Because... No Matter What...

We at Sky's Travel Club Will Always Be Around.

But Let Me Remind You, Your Details Has Been Registered into Our Database

from either Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Somewhere on the Internet, or at One of Our LIVE Events.

What this Means is that We are


Offer Our Webinar Pricing One Time & it's During this Meeting

Right Now.

Our Members Became Members On the Spot Because We Make it VERY EASY! 


You WILL Even Make it Easier for Yourself, By Making the RIGHT DECISION TODAY.

You Are About to Make a

Positive & New Change which will Elevate Your Travel LifeStyle!

Now... Let Me Present Your 3 Options.

(Remember to Please Make the Best Financial Decision for You & Your Family.)

Option #1

Change NOTHING & Keep Doing What You’re Doing Currently. Which is Alright with Us, Because We Have Over 20 Million Active Users Using this Software Already and We're Just Here Sharing the Message to You… It’s Not About US, it’s ABOUT YOU!

Option #2

Own Your Very Own Exclusive Access for

10 Years

Get the Following Bonuses: Valued at $38,828

Unlimited Boomerang Rewards

- Valued at $1,497

2 Annual Guest Passes Per Year

- Valued at $3,980

2 Additional Managed Interchangeable Users

- Valued at $23,976

Redeemable Vacation Certificates Every Other Year

- Valued at $9,375

All You Would Need to Do is Activate Your Membership for a One Time Payment of $2,997.

You Could Pay it Installments up to 12 months for $269.75 plus $199 Annual Fees.

Option #3

Own Your Infinity Unlimited Exclusive Access for as Long as YOU Want.

Get the Following Bonuses: Valued at $65,195

Unlimited Boomerang Rewards

- Valued at $1,497

5 Annual Guest Passes Per Year

- Valued at $9,950

5 Additional Managed Interchangeable Users

- Valued at $34,998

Redeemable Vacation Certificates Every Year

- Valued at $18,750

Your Membership with No Terms and a Small One Time Activation Payment of $699.97 which Could Be Broken Down in 6 Payments of $136.97 plus a monthly recurring payment of only $69.97/ month!

This is BY FAR The BEST & Newest & Lowest Plan We’ve Ever Had to Date! It Gives You the Ability to Have Everything We Shown You Today…. Plus these Bonuses!

That’s Only $136.97+ $69.97/ month for 6 Months and then $69.97 starting the 7 Month for as Long as You Want Access to Your Membership.

This Membership is Will-able & Transferrable!

Now, the Plans are Simple… Don’t Make a Change or Make a Change and See Where You Could Journey for 10 Years or Travel for Infinity with NO End.

Make YOUR New Travel Access Legendary!

Good Until the End of this Meeting!

Here's What You Will Receive:


Join The Revolution & Become a Member Today By Activating Your Membership with Sky's Travel Club.Discover How to Access a Potent SoftwareWith Over 20 Million+ Engaged Users

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